ZARZAND is a one of a kind website dedicated to addressing several of the unique needs experienced by millions of singles and couples whose relationship, romance & intimacy lives deserve to be acknowledged as “more complicated.” By combining the experiences and inspirations of multiple individuals and groups who up until now have addressed their people’s needs only within their inner circles, ZARZAND is creating a new community that allows for:


  • Exchange of solutions already working for those who share similar dynamics to their struggles with relationships, romance & intimacy but who’ve had no catalyst or opportunity to interact until ZARZAND’s formation.


  • Brainstorming new ideas that will make dating & romancing less complicated for those who’ve been unable to find resources even within their own circles of peers or organizations. REAL day-to-day activities modified on multiple levels to be clear, uncomplicated and financially realistic, while STILL being both reality based & romantic.


  • Supporting professionals and organizations working daily to meet the medical, emotional and informational needs of it’s focus group, but who often find it equally as difficult and frustrating to find material to help satisfy their clients requests for MORE resources.



We’re committed to being all of this, and more.

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